Learn how to use pre-built BELLATRIX templates.

Create Projects from Visual Studio

You can use built-in Visual Studio templates to create BELLATRIX test projects. From File -> New -> Project you can find all BELLATRIX projects too

Create New Project Visual Studio

Create Getting Started Visual Studio

Create Projects from CLI

You can create an empty tests project with all required files through dotnet CLI

  1. Open CMD
  2. Using the command “dotnet new -l” you can see all available templates

Before you can create a new project, you need to install the BELLATRIX template first.

All available templates:

  • Bellatrix.SpecFlow.Desktop.MSTest.Tests
  • Bellatrix.SpecFlow.Web.MSTest.Tests
  • Bellatrix.SpecFlow.Android.MSTest.Tests
  • Bellatrix.SpecFlow.IOS.MSTest.Tests
  • Bellatrix.SpecFlow.API.MSTest.Tests

Install Template

dotnet new -i Bellatrix.SpecFlow.Android.MSTest.Tests

Create Project from Template

  1. Open the folder where you want the files to be placed
  2. Open CMD
  3. Type the bellow command for the desired template
dotnet new Bellatrix.SpecFlow.Android.MSTest.Tests

Create Getting Started CLI