iOS Automation

Learn how to use BELLATRIX iOS test framework.


Cross-platform screenshot and video recording on test failure. Extend the framework to fit your needs. Test responsive layouts and much more.

Control App Behaviour

Control app with BELLATRIX iOS module. Ability to restart every time to make sure that new app comes fresh, restart on fail or reused if the previous test’s app was the same. Learn more.

Screenshots on Fail

Checks after each test, its result, if failed, makes the screenshots. Learn more.

Video recording on Fail

Checks after each test, its result, depending on the specified video saves the video. Learn more.

Static Analysis

BELLATRIX comes with two modules for helping you apply coding standards in your tests. Learn more

iOS Extensibility

One of the greatest features of BELLATRIX is test workflow hooks. It gives you the possibility to execute your logic in every part of the test workflow. Learn more