Add Custom Appium Options

Learn how to add custom Appium options.


public class CustomAndroidSteps : IOSSteps
    [Given(@"Add Custom Appium Options")]
    public void AddCustomAppiumOptions()
		App.AddAppiumOptions("locale", "fr_CA");
		App.AddAppiumOptions("language", "fr");
		App.AddAppiumOptions("autoWebview", "true");
		App.AddAppiumOptions("noReset", "false");


App.AddAppiumCapability("locale", "fr_CA");
App.AddAppiumCapability("language", "fr");
App.AddAppiumCapability("autoWebview", "true");
App.AddAppiumCapability("noReset", "false");

BELLATRIX hides the complexity of initialisation of WebDriver/Appium and all related services. In some cases, you need to customise the set up of a Appium with using custom Appium options. Using the App service methods you can add all of these with ease.