Learn how to use BELLATRIX IOS AppService.


Feature: Navigate to BELLATRIX Online Calculator
	To purchase a new rocket
	As a Nuclear Engineer 
	I want to be able to buy a new rocket.

Given I use app with path AssemblyFolder/Demos/
And I restart the app on test fail
And I use device with name iPhone 6
And I use iOS version 11.3
And I open app

Scenario: Successfully Sum 5 And 6
	When I sum 5 and 6
	And I background the android app for 2 seconds
    And I reset the iOS app
    And I remove iOS app with appId
	Then I assert answer is 11


BELLATRIX gives you predefined steps for most common operations for controlling the iOS app through the AppService class.class.

When I background the iOS app for 2 seconds

Backgrounds the app for the specified number of seconds.

When I reset the iOS app

Resets the app.

When I launch the iOS app

Launches the app.

When I close the iOS app

Closes the app.

When I install android app with path AssemblyFolder/Demos/

Installs the app file on the device.

When I remove iOS app with appId

Uninstalls the app with the specified app id. You can get your app’s bundleId from XCode.