Troubleshooting- Screenshots on Fail

Learn how to generate screenshots on test's fail.


Feature: Navigate to BELLATRIX Online Calculator
	To purchase a new rocket
	As a Nuclear Engineer 
	I want to be able to buy a new rocket.

Given I use app with path AssemblyFolder/Demos/
And I restart the app on test fail
And I use device with name iPhone 6
And I use iOS version 11.3
And I take a screenshot for failed tests
And I open app

Scenario: Successfully Sum 5 And 6
	When I sum 5 and 6
	Then I assert answer is 11


Given I take a screenshot for failed tests

This is a predefined BELLATRIX step for automatic generation of screen screenshots. The engine checks after each test, its result, if failed, makes the screenshots.


If you open the testFrameworkSettings.json file, you find the screenshotsSettings section that controls this behaviour.

"screenshotsSettings": {
    "isEnabled": "true",
    "filePath": "C:\\Troubleshooting\\Screenshots"

You can turn off the making of screenshots for all tests and specify where the screenshots to be saved. In the extensibility chapters read more about how you can create different screenshots engine or change the saving strategy.