Learn how to use BELLATRIX CookiesService.


Feature: CommonServices
	In order to use the browser
	As a automation engineer
	I want BELLATRIX to provide me handy method to do my job

Given I use Firefox browser on Windows
And I reuse the browser if started
And I open browser

Scenario: Cookies Service Common Steps
	When I navigate to URL
	And I add cookie name = testCookie value = 99
    And I delete cookie testCookie
    And I add cookie name = testCookie1 value = 100
    And I delete all cookies


BELLATRIX gives you predefined steps for easier work with cookies. You need to make sure that you have navigated to the desired web page.

When I delete cookie testCookie

Deletes a specific cookie by name.

When I delete all cookies

Delete all cookies.

When I add cookie name = testCookie1 value = 100

Add a new cookie.