System Requirements

What do you need to install and run all BELLATRIX libraries and tools?


BELLATRIX is not a single thing it contains multiple framework libraries, extensions and tools. The tool is built to be cross-platform, however some of the features can be used under Windows since they are written for Visual Studio.

Space Requirements

You need ~240 MB of free space (full installation on Windows)

Note: The space can vary based on which OS you install BELLATRIX. Also, the installer installs templates for each installed version of Visual Studio which can increase the space requirements.

Supported Code Editors

The recommended code editor for writing BELLATRIX tests is Visual Studio 2015 or higher (preferably installed on Windows).

Other Supported Editors:

  • Visual Studio Code
  • Visual Studio MacOS
  • Rider: Cross-platform .NET IDE

Note: Keep in mind that some of the BELLATRIX are working only for Visual Studio on Windows, other editors don’t support them. These features are:** VS project templates, **VS item templates and VS snippets.

SDKs and Frameworks Prerequisites

.NET Core SDK 2.1 or higher (usually comes with Visual Studio installation or updates)

For BELLATRIX desktop modules you need to download WinAppDriver. You need to make sure it is started before running any BELLATRIX desktop tests.

For BELLATRIX mobile modules you need to download and install Appium. You need to make sure it is started before running any BELLATRIX mobile tests.

For the SpecFlow Visual Studio integration you need to install the VS Plugin- SpecFlow for Visual Studio